Kootenay School of Herbal Medicine

Are you ready to explore the world around you and uncover not only the medicines, but the deeper meanings within the forest?

Welcome to the Kootenay School of Herbal Medicine!

If you want to reduce your reliance on mainstream medicine and common pharmaceuticals, I’m here to help. By teaching you how to gather and forage plants to make your own medicines for treating everything from simple cuts to complex viruses, you’ll be empowered to heal yourself, your family, and ultimately your whole community.

If you’re open to it, you can also go deeper and learn to connect with plants directly. As you begin listening to and interpreting the forest’s signals, you’ll start a meaningful, lifelong dialogue with plants and herbal remedies, allowing you to unplug from the familiar, yet unsustainable, system you’ve become used to.

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The Kootenay School of Herbal Medicine is founded on the principle that

Herbs can heal more than just your body, mind & spirit.

They can heal our communities and restore balance to the Earth.

Herbal medicines are incredibly powerful tools, not only for your health and healing, but also for your peace of mind. By using local, sustainable, herbal medicines you begin to align the medicines you use with the values in your heart. This potent process leads to daily balance and a lasting fulfillment. Learn more about how I teach with your values in mind.

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Angela Willock (class of 2012)

“The Herbal Integration Course (HIC) completely transformed my relationship with plants—from one of passive, shallow and intellectual appreciation, to one of deeper love, soft intuition, understanding and respect. I no longer just see the plant world as ‘nice nature stuff we should protect,’ but rather as a beautifully complex and diverse ecosystem of friends who have a core role to play in the healing of the world, including myself.”

wild gathering of living medineMy teaching style and philosophy support you to learn the most you can about herbal remedies by guiding you to:

  • Get your hands dirty

  • Learn by doing

  • Develop relationships with plants

  • Learn within supportive communities

  • Strengthen your connection with the land


garliq with violet Hi.  I’m Garliq.  I’m a Community Herbalist who’s passionate bringing the healing of herbs back into our homes.  Let me help you gain access to the knowledge, empowerment and connection you desire with the living, healing world around you.


Take these three steps today to learn more about herbal healing and communicating with plants:

  1. Join in this global movement of transformation and healing.
  2. Start Your Journey toward integrating herbs today.  Get your free mp3 of the Heart of Healing. Sign up to the newsletter and receive this juicy audio file, packed with practical tips to aid in your path to vibrant living.
  3. Create your own recipe for better health, a better life and ultimately a better world along with the Kootenay School of Herbal Medicine courses as your guide. I can’t wait to show you how!

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