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Are you looking for medicines that you can trust, not only to work well but also to fit with your values (like local, sustainable, nutritious, safe)?

New here, eh? Have you ever considered that the values you have for your food or for the environment could actually be applied (successfully) to the medicines you use as well?

salad image 250xSome folks tell me that this is a new idea for them. It almost seems laughable at first… but you feel kind of excited thinking about it, don’t you? You can see that industrialization hasn’t done great things for food or for the environment, so why would it for medicine?! It’s not in sync with the rhythms and the flows of Nature .

If you’re anything like me, when you’re feeling well, “it’s all good.” You’re able to maintain your health with good food and maybe exercise or a relaxation practice.

But when you’re not feeling so well (or when your kids aren’t), you feel pressure to “get better.” This stress leads to rundown and then comes fear and worst-case-scenarios. And the more scared you get, the more desperate you feel and the more willing you become to bend or let go of your usual perspective and values. You skip right to your last resort, “Just give me the drugs!”

It’s totally understandable. There’s no judgement here, for you making the best health care decisions you can. I’ve been there before and I don’t rule out the possibility that I’ll be there again.

My work is to let you know that there are options (not dogmatically preach at you).

Herbal medicines are extremely effective in treating lots and lots of illnesses and injuries.

My job is to help you neutralize that fear with your own sense of personal empowerment. When you have herbal remedies that you trust (maybe you made yourself?), you shrink the amount that scares you. “I didn’t know what else I could do,” happens less and less often.

majestic cedar picHerbs offer choices. And not just when selecting a remedy, but in how you understand illness and healing. Herbs can heal all aspects of our human existence – body, mind and spirit. And that’s something that pharmaceuticals just won’t ever be able to do effectively.

You can probably tell that I have a grand vision for bringing plant medicines back into popular use. Because of this, the Living Medicine Project has a few different aspects and requires a little explanation.


The 3 pillars of the Living Medicine Project (LMP) are:

  1. Personal Healing with Local Herbs
  • You need support to do the amazing things you do in the world. Sometimes you get sick or warn down and need to nourish or heal yourself. If you’d like the support of an empathic, clinical herbalist committed to healing the world with local herbs one person at a time, garliq may be the right fit for you. Coming Soon The Community Super Hero Self Care Plan!
  1. Herbal Education
  • Because the name, Living Medicine Project, does not automatically convey the message of herbal education, I’ve created 2 schools:
    1. The Kootenay School of Herbal Medicine is based in the beautiful West Kootenay mountains (anywhere within a 2 hour drive of Nelson, BC).
    2. The Urban Herb School is based in Vancouver, BC. It’s mission is to bring wild foods and herbal medicines into the lives of city folks working hard to bring sustainability to the urban experiment, reminding Vancouverites that you can find Wild Abundance in the Concrete Jungle.
  1. Community Healing Clinics
  • So many people have dedicated their lives, their hearts and their work to restoring justice, sustainability and, let’s just say, sanity to the world. The LMP offers herbal healing clinics for community gatherings of social and/or environmental activists and change-makers. Whether you’re working to tear down systems of injustice or working to create the world we all dream of, herbal medicines can play a powerful role.

asarum ground coverIf you’d like to get a free copy of one of my teleclasses to sample my teaching style and healing approach, you can get your own copy of Heart of Healing by filling out the form below.

If you need to know more first, I have a couple of sections that you can open below that go into more detail as to who I can help, how my approach works and a taste of my grand vision for herbal medicines.

christine & kids

Christine Edelmann (class of 2011 & Apprentice in 2012)

In a word, the extended course was empowering. I love now being able to identify and use so many different plants that grow all around the lower mainland.  I have learned to gather and create an herbal apothecary that deals with everything from immune support to coughs, from bruises to tummy troubles.  I highly recommend this class.


garliq with violet
Hi, I’m Garliq. I’m the founder of the Living Medicine Project, the Urban Herb School and the Kootenay School of Herbal Medicine, where I’ve been using and teaching herbal medicine in both spiritual and practical ways for many years. Hundreds more people around BC are now relying on trusted herbs to treat friends and family.


Here's the people and situations I help:

Do any of these situations sounds familiar to you?

  • You seek out green spaces to relax and recharge.  You feel better being here – physically, emotionally, spiritually – when you sit in a garden or stroll through the woods. You have a sense of the healing wisdom of nature, but you want to know more.

  • You feel conflicted about giving children medications that are so strong and forceful.  While children are resilient, you know they’re also delicate, sensitive beings. You want to protect their vulnerability, so you treat them with compassion and gentleness. You want medicines that will do the same.

  • You have high standards when it comes to your food. You buy local and organic whenever possible. You want to know where your food comes from, how your food is prepared and what is in it. But it seems like these values can’t be applied when it comes to western medicine.

  • You’re concerned about corporate control of the medical system. You’ve seen what multinationals have done with Big Oil, industrial agriculture and the global financial system. They prioritize profits before serving people. And you want to protect your family’s access to sustainable health care.

  • You already buy and use herbs. You’ve got some great books that you trust. And you’ve had (or seen friends have) some healing experiences with herbs. But buying herbs from a shop leaves you feeling like there’s something missing. You want to know the plants yourself, maybe even grow or gather your own.

  • You get overwhelmed trying to decide which herbs to use. You believe that herbal remedies can work. But when you look at the health food store, in books or on the internet, there are so many choices! You’re confused about which herbs to use and how.

  • You have trouble finding like-minded people. In some circles the idea of plants being medicines is laughable. You’re mocked for “being from the stone age” if you express any interest in natural remedies. You’d really love to connect with a community that feels as you do.

  • You love back country hiking and camping, but wonder what to do if you get sick or injured. You’d feel more comfortable, more independent, knowing which plants are edible and medicinal

If any of these situations ring true for you, I can help you. Plant medicines can help you.

My clients and students have been…

  • Families – moms, dads and grandparents
  • Health Care Professionals – naturopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, nurses
  • Activists – food security, social, environmental and community organizer of all sorts
  • Gardeners – permaculturists, urban and rural farmers
  • Outdoorsy folks – hikers, campers, wilderness adventure-types

And, of course, myself and my family. I couldn’t really be helping other people if I hadn’t found a way of helping myself. The proof is in the sparkle in the eyes of my children.

But will it work for you?

It will if you believe…

  • Local medicine is just as important as local food
  • There’s a strong relationship between what’s healthy for your family and what’s healthy for the planet
  • Relationships make life worth living – with your family, friends and the living world
  • We need strong communities to weather the storm ahead

How do I approach herbal healing?

The Living Medicine Project is based on 4 healing principles…

  1. Rediscover that you are an essential part of the living web of life. You’re an expression of the Earth. And just as your health depends on healthy soil, rivers and forests, their health depends on you.

    In fact, your health is connected to your community, the global community, and the planet Itself.When you are well, your community gets stronger and you’re able to play the role that Mother Nature intended for you.

  1. Rethink the assumptions of modern medicine. This modern practice of hiding a symptom and pretending you’re cured so you can get back to work isn’t actually helping your health. The story “Illness = you’re broken” blinds you to the recognition that health is about balance and illness communicates your state of balance.

    Herbal medicine shows a different view of how healing works, and how to maintain you health. Your body is a reflection of the Earth, and disease is mimicked and resolved in ecosystems and then embodied in plants that can resolve that disease in you. When you live this not only are you truly more healthy, but it also deepens your connection and understanding that you are of the Earth.

“It is the marriage of the soul with Nature that makes the intellect fruitful, that gives birth to imagination.” ~H.D. Thoreau

  1. Reduce the pharmaceutical footprint. Pharmaceutical drugs started out as concentrated plant extracts, but have become strong chemicals foreign to the ecosystems of our bodies and the Earth.

    Just like vitamins, drugs are far more effective for you in their whole form. Compare vitamin C from a lab or a fruit. Which is your body more used to? It’s the same with drugs and plant medicines. You don’t need to take a pill equivalent to 500 cups of tea when a single cup will do.

  1. Rediscover the power of plant medicines! Wild foods and herbal medicines not only heal you physically, but connect your heart to the Living World. This connection reminds you that you’re not alone, that you are supported.

    Practising herbal medicines helps you awaken your ‘body memory’ formed by many generations of your ancestors picking, eating and healing with herbs.

No matter what the future holds, having this connection to the living world, gives you peace in your heart, contentment in your spirit, and meaning in your life.

A piece of My Big Vision

The Living Medicine Project supports you to have the medicines in your home fit with the values in your heart.

And for this work to fit with the values in my heart, I need to blend together both personal healing and community healing.

This project is about more than just helping you heal yourself and your family with herbs. It’s about more than just the personal empowerment you develop from making your own herbal remedies. And it’s about more than healing the planet by reducing our collective dependence on pharmaceuticals.

The LMP is about all these things and more.

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And it goes without saying (though I’ll say it anyway)- I’ll never share, rent, sell, or trade your information without your consent.

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